Kitchen lead


Are you a culinary virtuoso with a flair for innovation and a taste for quality? If you’ve got the skills to whip up culinary masterpieces and thrive in a fast-paced kitchen environment, then Teds wants you as our Independent working Chef or Kitchen Lead!

Your Culinary Adventure: 
As the Independent Working Chef at Teds, you’re not just a cook, you are the maestro behind the scenes, orchestrating the perfect kitchen symphony.
Here’s the lowdown on your kitchen conquests:

  • Perfect Execution: Transform every dish into a work of art, even under the pressure cooker of a bustling kitchen. 
  • Food Safety Prodigy: Master the art of food safety, ensuring every bit is not just delicious but also safe.
  • Mise en Place Maestro: Take charge of the mise en place preparation and management, setting the stage for kitchen brilliance.
  • Recipe Connoisseur: Follow Teds recipes like a culinary GPS, guiding the team to culinary excellence. 
  • Ordering Guru, Know exactly what ingredients are needed, and flex your purchasing muscle by placing order with Teds-approved vendors.
  • Quantity Sorcerer: Determine the daily quantity of dishes to be prepared, ensuring a seamless kitchen operation.
  • Prep Prodigy: Dive into preparatory work, form washing and cutting to mixing and cooking, using your kitchen wizardry.
  • Quality Guardian: Keep a watchful eye on the doneness, taste, color, and overall quality of every dish, making adjustments as needed.
  • Distribution Dynamo: Prepare products for distribution, ensuring the meet the highest standards of Teds excellence.
  • Stock Savant: Keep a vigilant eye on stock levels, managing inventory like a pro.


For the Kitchen Lead:
In addition to the culinary wizardry, as our Kitchen Lead, you’ll be the chief communicator and quality guardian. 
Your responsibilities include:

  • Ordering Maven: Place orders and manage colleagues with finesse.
  • Communication Maestro: Bridge the gap between the kitchen and floor, ensuring seamless communication.
  • Quality Sentinel: Keep a hawk-eyed watch on the quality and time management of pass-through dishes.
  • HACCP Hero: Ensure strict compliance with HACCP guidelines, safeguarding the integrity of our culinary creations.
  • Organizational Virtuoso: Create an organized, safe and pleasant working environment where everyone feels welcome. 
  • Liaison Extraordinaire: Serve as the liaison between the restaurant and head office, working closely with the location manager.
  • First Responder in the Kitchen: Be the go-to person, ensuring a clean working environment and reporting equipment defects. 

Ready to embark on a culinary journey with Teds? Apply with your culinary CV and a dash of your kitchen story through the apply link on our website. 
Lets turn every dish into a masterpiece!