What is Teds all about? Waffle fries & champagne in the morning? Eggs Benedict in the afternoon? No problem at Teds. We serve our entire brunch menu all day, every day. That is why we proudly present our rediscovery of the historic high tea: The Afternoon T! Enjoy it virgin or spirited, you can even mix it. Book your Teds high tea from 2 – 16 persons, depending on the city of your choice! Have a look at the booking tool, to check your availability. Choose, book and enjoy! We’ll see you soon georgeous!

Teds Utrecht

Lichte Gaard 8

Teds Den Haag

Frederikstraat 32

Teds Haarlem

Spaarne 94

Teds Leiden

Lange Mare 60

Teds Rotterdam

Schiekade 189

Teds Amsterdam

Bosboom Toussaintstraat 60