Food menu

Have a look at our mouthwatering food menu. If you click the little icon behind the text, a photo of the dish will appear, so you can have a quick preview about the deliciousness that might be coming your way!


Lil’ Appetite

Greek yoghurt w. fruit | 6,5 Food 1

ADD: Homemade granola +2,50
NO yoghurt -1,5

Croissant | 3,95 Food 2

w. Strawberry jam


Eggs Benedict | 10,95 Food 5

2 Poached eggs w. ham & Hollandaise sauce served on a croissant

Eggs Norwegian | 11,95 Food 6

2 Poached eggs w. smoked salmon & Hollandaise sauce served on a croissant

Eggs Florentine | 9,95 Food 7

2 Poached eggs w. raw spinach & Hollandaise sauce served on a croissant
TEDS TIP: Add chestnut mushrooms +2,5

Triple omega | 11,95 Food 8

2 Poached eggs, avocado, smoked salmon & togarashi sprinklez served on a slice of sourdough toast
TEDS TIP: Add Hollandaise sauce +2,5

Breakfast burrito | 10,95 Food 9

3 Eggs scrambled, bacon, cheddar, homemade tomato salsa w. guac & sour cream rolled in a wrap

Bec Bagel | 9,95 Food 10

Bacon, 2 eggs omelet style w. Cheddar cheese, flaming hot Cheeto’s & Thousand Island mayo

Sides & Snacks

Food 23 Waffle fries #1 | 6

Topped w. Zaanse mayo

Food 25 Waffle fries #2 | 6,5

Topped w. parmesan + truffle mayo on top

Food 27 Waffle fries #3 | 7

Topped w. karaage chicken + samurai mayo on top

Food 29 Mac ‘n cheese | 6,5


Bitterballen | 6,5

7 Per portion served w. Mustard

Kaasstengels | 6,5

7 Per portion served w. Chili sauce

Karaage Chicken | 6,5

5 Per portion served w. Samurai mayo

Vegan nugget | 6,5

7 Per portion served w. Vegan mayo


Our sandwiches are served on artisanal organic sourdough toast from BroodvanMenno (unless mentioned otherwise)

Philly Cheese Steak | 12,95 Food 31

Diced beef w. cheddar cheese, onions & jalapeño mayo
TEDS TIP: Swap the beef for chestnut mushrooms, hungover veggie’s dream come true
TEDS TIP 2: Add fried egg +1,5

Club Sandwich | 12,95 Food 33

Pulled chicken spread, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, egg, cheese & Zaanse mayo served on whole wheat toast

Chicken Avocado | 12,95 Food 35

Grilled chicken thigh strips Cajun flavored w. avocado guac, red onion & chili mayo

Chicken Katsu | 13,95 Food 37

Crispy fried panko chicken filet w. Katsu sauce, red cabbage, Dutch lettuce & samurai mayo served on brioche

Croquettes & shrooms | 12,95 Food 39

Cas & Kas’s croquettes – can’t tell they’re vegan – Avo mash w. Chestnut mushrooms simmered in garlic parsley oil & tarragon mayo drizzled served on sourdough toast (VEGAN)

Flatbread | 11,95 Food 41

Lebanese flatbread with hummus, vegan white cheese, pommegranate, toasted nuts and rocket (VEGAN)

Donut fried chicken | 12,95 Food 43

Sweet Chili glazed donuts w. Karaage fried chicken & a maple shot – AMAZEBALLS AF

Mac ‘n Cheese fried chicken burrito | 13,95 Food 45

Mac ’n Cheese Fried Chicken Burrito
All of the above w. samurai mayo and bacon – please somebody start the defibrillator machine ; )

Croque madam | 8,95 Food 79

Fried egg, Gruyere + Emmentaler + Cheddar cheese mix + ham & cheese in the middle of white slices of casino bread

Pssst. we have gluten free toast for those who suffer from celiac disease

Gluten free selection to choose from


Eggs Benedict, Norwegian & Florentine will be served on a gluten free toast instead of a croissant. Eggcelent dishes!


Our Triple Omega, Philly Cheese Steak, Teds Club, Flatbread and Croque Madame will be prepared by our chefs with gluten free toast for you to enjoy!


Cobb Salad | 14,5 Food 49

Dutch lettuce, avocado, bacon, grilled chicken thighs, parmesan cheese, poached egg, cherry tomatoes & Teds COBB dressing

Sweet Faves

Teds Original French Toast | 11,95 Food 51

Brioche w. bacon, banana & maple syrup
TEDS TIP: add Scrambled Eggs +1,5

Churro french toast | 11,95 Food 53

Brioche French Toast, twisted & turned in cinnamon sugar, Nutella drizzle & banana on top

Vegan french toast | 11,95 Food 55

Sourdough soaked in almond milk w. seasonal fruits, cinnamon sugar & maple syrup

Ooooohreoo waffles | 11,95 Food 57

Fluffy waffles w. Marshmallows, banana slices, Oreo crumble & Nutella drizzlez

Teds fried chicken & waffles | 13,95 Food 59

Served w. Mexican style spicy chocolate sauce & waffle fries to complete the party


Cakes | 5 Food 86

NY Cheese cake | Carrot cake | Chocolate cake

Chocolate brownie | 4,5 Food 87

Did you know our Carrot and Chocolate cake are gluten free?


Our recipes have been put together with a lot of love & we strongly believe that we have something on the menu for everybody.
We recommend you not to change an item unless it’s a TEDS Tip.
If you do feel the need to change the recipe, this is possible, but we’ll have to charge a bit extra (+1) for slowing down the process in the kitchen + the costs of the requested ingredient(s).

Leaving out an ingredient = free
(if you, for example, think coriander tastes like soap)

Sorry for the discomfort upfront, we ain’t Subway.

For those kiddo’s

Under 12y only #sorrynotsorry

Food 88 Eggy any style | 3,95

1 Fried, boiled or scrambled egg served w. toast or bread soldiers

Food 63 Teddie toast | 3,95

Country white or whole wheat sourdough toast w. peanut butter or jam or Nutella or cheese

Food 90 Monkey face | 3,95

1 Fluffy waffle w. Nutella & banana

Please talk dirty.. uhh Dutch to me

Nog een mimosa graag:

One more Mimosa please, darling know your brunch essentials

Het is hier fantastisch:

I love it here! Something we most def. like to hear you say.


A male Cate or a hangover.
In case of a KATER, order an Espresso Martini and you’ll be fine.

Super gezellig:

No direct translation, Dutchies say it when they are having a blast.

Graag gedaan:

You’re welcome! Said when done with a favour! 
We’d love to hear you pronounce this one with the Dutch “hard G”.