Food menu

Lil’ Appetite

Cereal killers | 3 Food 2

Chocopops or Frosties w. milk

Greek yoghurt w. fruit | 6 Food 3

ADD: Homemade granola +2
NO yoghurt -1,5

Croissant | 3 Food 4

w. Strawberry jam


Eggs Benedict | 9,5 Food 8

2 poached cold smoked eggs w. ham & hollandaise sauce served on a croissant

Eggs Norwegian | 9,5 Food 9

2 poached eggs w. smoked salmon & hollandaise sauce served on a croissant

Eggs Florentine | 8,5 Food 10

2 poached cold smoked eggs w. raw spinach & hollandaise sauce served on a croissant
TEDS TIP: Add Portobello +2,5

Triple omega | 9,5 Food 11

2 poached eggs, avocado, smoked salmon & togarashi sprinklez served on a slice of sourdough toast

Breakfast burrito | 9,5 Food 12

3 eggs scrambled, bacon, cheddar, homemade tomato salsa rolled in a wrap w. guac & sour cream

Bec Bagel | 9,5 Food 13

Bacon, 2 eggs omelet style w. Cheddar cheese, Flaming hot Cheeto’s & Thousand Island Mayo


Food 26 Waffle fries #1 | 4,5

Topped w. Zaanse mayo

Food 28 Waffle fries #2 | 5,5

Topped w. parmesan + truffle mayo on top

Food 30 Waffle fries #3 | 6

Topped w. cheese sauce + bacon flakes + thousand island mayo

BACON | 2,5


Our sandwiches are served on artisanal organic sourdough toast from BroodvanMenno (unless mentioned otherwise)

Philly Cheese Steak | 12,5 Food 32

Diced beef w. cheddar cheese, onions & jalapeño mayo
TEDS TIP: Swap the beef for Portobello, hungover veggie’s dream come true

Teds Club | 12,75 Food 34

Pulled chicken spread, bacon, lettuce, tomate, pickles, egg, cheese & Zaanse mayo served on whole wheat toast

Chicken Avocado | 12 Food 36

Grilled chicken thigh strips Cajun flavored w. avocado guac, red onion & chili mayo

Chicken Katsu | 12,5 Food 38

Crispy fried panko chicken filet w. Katsu sauce, red cabbage, Dutch lettuce & samurai mayo served on brioche

Rendang Croquette | 11,75 Food 40

Rendang croquettes w. lime, red chili pepper & mango curry sauce

Artichoke | 11,5 Food 42

Artichoke hearts simmered in garlic oil w. hummus & spinach (VEGAN)

Roasted bell pepper | 11,5 Food 80

Roasted bell pepper w. hummus, cherry tomatoes, coriander, fried chickpea’s & sprouts (VEGAN)

Pssst. we have gluten free toast for those who suffer from celiac disease


All in Caesar salad | 14,5 Food 46

Crunchy Romaine lettuce, bacon, anchovies, croutons, grilled chicken thigh strips, poached egg & parmesan

Teds Cobb Salad | 14,5 Food 48

Dutch lettuce, avocado, bacon, grilled chicken thighs, parmesan cheese, poached egg, cherry tomatoes & Teds COBB dressing

Sweet Faves

Teds Original French Toast | 11 Food 50

Brioche w. bacon, banana & maple syrup
TEDS TIP: add Scrambled Eggs +1,5

Teds fried chicken french toast | 12,5 Food 84

Sugarloaf w. karaage fried chicken, maple & sriracha drizzles

Vegan french toast | 11 Food 53

Sourdough soaked in almond milk w. seasonal fruits, cinnamon sugar & maple syrup

Churrrrro Banana pancakes | 11 Food 55

Banana slices, Cinnamon sugar all over & Nutella drizzlez

Ooooohreoo Banana Pancakes | 11 Food 57

Banana slices, Oreo crumble & Nutella drizzlez


Our recipes have been put together with a lot of love & we strongly believe that we have something on the menu for everybody.
We recommend you not to change an item unless it’s a TEDS Tip.
If you do feel the need to change the recipe, this is possible, but we’ll have to charge a bit extra (+1) for slowing down the process in the kitchen + the costs of the requested ingredient(s).

Leaving out an ingredient = free
(if you, for example, think coriander tastes like soap)

Sorry for the discomfort upfront, we ain’t Subway.

Food 88



Fried smoked egg
Gruyere|Emmentaler|Cheddar cheese mix
Bread slice
Bread slice
Break slice

psssst. Teds is not liable for any cardiological abnormalities after your encounter w. the Christo

Food 90

Food 61 MADAM | 9

Fried egg
Gruyere|Emmentaler|Cheddar cheese mix
Bread slice
Bread slice

Food 92

For those kiddo’s

Under 12y only #sorrynotsorry

Food 63 Cereal killers | 3

Chocopops or Frosties w. milk

Food 94 Eggy any style | 3,5

1 fried, boiled or scrambled egg served w. toast or bread soldiers

Food 67 Teddie toast | 2,5

Country white or whole wheat sourdough toast w. peanut butter or jam or Nutella or cheese

Food 96 Monkey face | 2,5

1 banana pancake w. Nutella & banana

Please talk dirty.. uhh Dutch to me

Nog een mimosa graag:

One more Mimosa please, darling know your brunch essentials

Het is hier fantastisch:

I love it here! Something we most def. like to hear you say.


A male Cate or a hangover.
In case of a KATER, order an Espresso Martini and you’ll be fine.

Super gezellig:

No direct translation, Dutchies say it when they are having a blast.

Graag gedaan:

You’re welcome! Said when done with a favour! 
We’d love to hear you pronounce this one with the Dutch “hard G”.