AFternoon – T

The best of the best by Teds


An étagère filled w. delicious sweets, Parmesan truffle fries & an assortment of Teds faves from our menu. We serve 3 kinds of Afternoon T’s of which our SpiriTed is by far the favorite one!

Original Afternoon T
Top Layer:         Waffle Fries #2 & Donut ‘n Chicken
Middle Layer:     OG French Toast & BEC sandwich
Bottom Layer:    Sweets

Vega Afternoon T
Top Layer:          Waffle Fries #2 & Croquettes ‘n Shrooms
Middle Layer:      Vegan French Toast & Pumpkin Ricotta Sandwich
Bottom Layer:     Sweets

Vegan Afternoon T
Top Layer:           Waffle Fries #1 w/ vegan mayo & Croquettes ‘n Shrooms
Middle Layer:       Vegan French Toast & Pumpkin w. beetroot hummus
Bottom Layer:      Vegan Sweets


We serve our Afternoon Tea’s at all Teds locations, from 2 – 8 persons on weekdays from 14:00 and in the weekend from 15:00. Please make a reservation beforehand, mentioning which Afternoon T you desire.

If you have a request for a larger group, please feel free to contact our team at We will be happy to help you!

Pssst: The Afternoon T cannot be made gluten-free.

Afternoon T 1
Afternoon T 2
Afternoon T 3

The Virgin one €22,- p.p.

For preggers, youngsters under 18, designated drivers and of course for those who choose not to do daytime drinking. We’ll be serving you a tea pot filled w. hot water and a variety of tea’s to choose from. We offer free refill of hot water in the tea pot during the reservation time of 1,5h.


The Sparkling one €27,- p.p.

This T starts with a fine glass of bubbly Le Bubb brut prestige, a premium Crémant d’ Alsace. Next, we’ll serve a tea pot filled w. hot water & a variety of tea’s to choose from.

The Spirited one €32,- p.p.

Starting with a Mimosa or Strawberry Bellini after which we’ll serve a tea pot filled w. our popular ‘This could be Lemonade’-cocktail. Sipping cocktails out of antique tea cups, who wouldn’t love this?


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