Thank you so much for ordering your very own B.Y.O. Brunch Box! You are among the first brunch lovers enjoying our new brunch box! Good news: this box will be there for you every first weekend of the month!

Your support is really heartwarming and needed in these crazy times.



Ready In:

A flash



Good For:





If you can’t come to TEDS, TEDS will come to you! Whether COVID is inbetween you and your brunch or whether you just do not want to leave your cozy home. As you know we are dedicated to make your TEDS experience tasty and wonderful. We will share (some of) the magic so you can B.Y.O. awesome but most def. DELICIOUS Brunch.

Nice to know: from now on we will offer our B.Y.O Brunch Box monthly and deliver it right to your doorstep. Keep an eye on our website for the timeline! Ready to get started? Just follow the steps, it’s easy AF, promise!

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Have fun and remember, eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day!

xx Teds

Brunch Squad Sweater
Teds BYO Brunch Box
BYO brunch box 1


Inside your B.Y.O. BRUNCH BOX you will find;


Ingredients for 2 petit Eggs Norwegian:

2 croissaints

2 poached eggs

smoked salmon

hollandaise sauce


 Ingredients for Teds Original French toast:

2 slices of brioche

1 cup of French Toast mixture

1 cup with Bacon

1 Banana

1 cup with Maple Syrup

1 cup with Cinamon Sugar


Ingredients for our very own Banana Pancakes 3.0 (ooohreooo), your surprise of the weekend:

Banana pancakes

Nutella Drizzle

1 Banana

Oreo cookie and crumble

Teds BYO Brunch Box


Start of by washing your hands firmly – we’ve all mastered that skill properly during the last months so go do what you’re good at!


Turn on your stove – medium heat 

You will need; 

A Knife

A Spatula

A skimmer

Some oil or butter

A baking pan

A pan with boiling water (1,5L)

A Cutting board

A Bowl

A couple of spoons

1 Plate for the French Toast

2 Plates for the Eggs Norwegian

1 Plate for the Banana Pancakes 


Glasses for your healthy juices and/or party bubbles.


Some good lovin’!


Step by step instructions

Step 1

Open the French Toast Mix and pour it in a bowl

Step 2

Dip both sides of the Brioche Bread in the bowl (squeeze the bread a little if you overdosed it so the bread won’t get too swampy)

Step 3

Put the pan on the stove on a medium fire

Step 4

Wait until the pan is on a good temperature

Step 5

Add a bit of oil – if you don’t have any oil, butter is fine too.

Step 6

Put the dipped bread in the pan and bake both sides nice golden brown

Step 7

Add the bacon (or not if you’re a veggie) and let it heat up.

Step 8

Get your spatula and put the French Toast on a plate.

Step 9

Cut half of the banana in slices and put them on top with the bacon.

Step 10

Add the Cinnamon sugar on top of the French Toast

Step 11

Add the Maple Syrup and decorate it like the real artist that you are!

We’re sure you nailed this! On to the surprise of the weekend..

BANANA PANCAKES 3.0 (Ooohreooo)

Step by step instructions

Step 1

Put your oven on 180 degrees Celsius.

Step 2

Put the Pancakes with the foil in the oven for 6 minutes.

Step 3

Remove the Pancakes after 6 minutes from the oven.

Step 4

Remove the foil from the Pancakes and check if the marshmallows are gooey

Step 5

Flip the tray with pancakes on a plate.

Step 6

Drizzle the Nutella on top.

Step 7

Cut the other half of the banana in slices.

Step 8

Add them on top of the Pancakes

Step 9

Sprinkle some cookie crumble, decorate with the oreo cookies and D-O-N-E we are!

Step 10

Keep the oven on for your croissants.

Keep your hangryness in control now! We’re really almost there..


Step by step instructions for the final countdown to brunch

Step 1

Put the croissants in the oven.

Step 2

Bake them for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Cut the croissants open, be carefull for your hands!

Step 4

Stack the salmon nicely on the croissants.

Step 5

Put the boiling water on the lowest fire

Step 6

Grab a spoon and put these eggs (SLOWLY and carefully so you won’t break them) in the water for 1,5 minutes

Step 7

Get them out of there immediately, with a skimmer

Step 8

Put the eggs on a paper towel (or theedoek) to extract the water.

Step 9

Add an egg to each of the croissants.

Step 10

Put the Hollandaise Sauce in the microwave for 10 seconds, if you don’t have a microwave – room temperature is fine too!

Step 11

Divide the Hollandaise Sauce on the eggs

Step 12

Top them with a bit of salt and pepper.

Step 13

Put top of the croissant on it and voila!

Liked it? We are always looking for new kitchen staff to join the Teds family!


If you decided to go for the full brunch experience, do not forget to pour your OJ, smoothie or even bubbles in a nice glass and cheer with your fellow brunch lovers before you start! Cheers!

And by the way..
Before you start stuffing your pretty face with all this deliciousness.
Make sure you took a picture of the end result and post it on Instagram using the hastag #TEDSATHOME



Next to having amazing cooking skills our chefs in Amsterdam are great DJ’s/Producers/Superstars. They compiled all the Teds playlists for that ultimate Brunch Vibe. @Pasquinel_dj @Mitchellyard.

Winter Playlist Teds