Good morning gorgeous

FIJNE MOEDERDAG lieve brunch lovers..

Let’s get this BRUNCH EXTRAVAGANZA started..

B.Y.O. BRUNCH BOX – Mom’s Day ed.


This edition serves you everything you need for a hoppy Mom’s Day!

We prepared for you the easiest B.Y.O. brunch box this far, the only two skills you need to have are putting a pan on for boiling water and turning on your oven. Oh wait, and setting your timer – so three. Just follow the steps, it’s super easy, promise!

We would love it when you make a picture and share it on Instagram under #MOMSDAYWITHTEDS and tag us @teds_place. We’re super curious about your creations and would love to see your happy faces! 

Have fun and remember, eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day (or even all year)







Inside your BRUNCH BOX you’ll find


1 Bottle of bubbles (if u upgraded the box)

Keilekker worstenbroodjes

1 bag with a small tea assortment

2 Fentimans Rose Lemonade


Lovers candy


?   Green dot box

Roasted bellpepper

2 poached eggs




Fried chickpeas

Brown sourdough


?   Yellow dot box (oven)

Powdered sugar

2 Minicroissants

Red velvet muffin

Quiche Fortina

2 Pain au chocolat

?   Red dot box

French toast

2 Macarons


Cherry mascarpone


1. Turn on your stove – 1 pitje and put a pan with hot water (speeds up the process)

2. Turn your oven to 180 degrees

3. Get your self a cup of coffee or do what I do – pour yourself a Prosecco!


You will need:


Knives / Spoons

A cuttingboard

3 Nice serving plates

2 Glasses for plates 

and some good lovin’!

BRUNCH BOX – Mom’s Day ed.

Step by step instructions

Step 1

Put the croissants, pain au chocolat, quiche, french toast and brown sourdough in the oven for 4 minutes. Then put the worstenbroodjes in after 1 minute for 3 minutes

Step 2

Boil water in a pan and put the eggs with plastic in the pan and set the times for 4 minutes

Step 3

Get your treats out of the oven and remove your eggs out of the water

Step 4

Get your goodies ready and then let’s get started! 

– Cutting board
– Cutlery
– 2 glasses
– 1 glass with water

Step 5

Pick your sourdough bread and spread it with a good layer of hummus. Add the roasted bell pepper. Top with the fried chickpeas.

Now cit it in half and put it on your plate!

Step 6

Cut the ham in half. Cut your croissants with a bread knive (be careful!)

Step 7

Put the ham on the croissants. Take your poached eggs out of the plastic and place them on top of the ham. Top with Hollandaise.

Now put the Eggs Benedict on your plate next to the roasted bell pepper

Step 8

Add the quiche to the plate. First layer is ready! 

Step 9

Cut 3 strawberries into slices. Keep the other strawberry. Spread the cherry mascarpone generously on the french toast

Step 10

Top with the strawberries and place the french toast nicely on the plate

Step 11

Get your powdered sugar and add ± 1 teaspoon of water. Now mix mix mix!

Step 12

Get your pain au chocolat and drizzle the icing over the buns. Now put it on the plate

Step 13

Place another glass in the middle of the plate. Cut the red velvet muffin in half

Step 14

Place the last plate on top with the lovers and worstenbroodjes!

Step 15

Add the macarons for the finishing touch!

Step 16

Cut the remaining strawberry. Pour in the Rose Lemonade and add the strawberries

Et Voila Happy Mothersday! 

That wasn’t so hard, right?! We’re sure you shined like a real chef!

Danisch Pastry Teds


Before you start stuffing your pretty drool-drippin’ face with all this deliciousness..

Make sure you take a picture of the end result and post it on Instagram using the hastag #MOMSDAYWITHTEDS and tag us @teds-place.



Next to having amazing cooking skills our chefs in Amsterdam are great DJ’s/Producers/Superstars. They compiled all the Teds playlists for that ultimate Brunch Vibe. @Pasquinel_dj @Mitchellyard.