Bonjour mon amour!

JOB ALERT! Join us in bediening en keuken in Haarlem, Rotterdam, Leiden & Amsterdam

Welcome at Teds, it’s such a pleasure to see you!




We will do our very-very best to make your time at Teds as amazing as possible and still be following smart distancing guidelines provided by the Koninklijke Horeca Nederland.

Our food is prepared with a lot of love & attention, so are our coffees, cocktails and other drinks!

Did you know that we serve the entire menu all day? And that we won’t look at you as we do at our uncle Jerry if you order your first cocktail or glass of champagne before 10:00 AM?

Celebrate life!

Due to the reservation-only restriction we kindly ask you to respect the start & end time of your reservation – only in this way we can guarantee all our guests a smooth and safe arrival & departure experience.

Last but not least, we do have free wifi, but don’t forget that very special person you’re here with, don’t be an ass! And if you make use of our free wifi, please be so kind to like us and check-in at Teds on social. Or post a nice pic or selfie and tag Teds on instagram @teds_place use #teds. We do love those pictures!!

Or, if you really wanna go crazy, write a review. Preferably a positive one, if you have any complaints please tell us right away so we can instantly fix it!

Remember, eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day!

Thanks for visiting Teds in advance, love you!!